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2003-05-11 - 10:43 a.m.

It's Mothers Day. Yay me, I got breakfast in bed. Eggs, bacon, toast and strawberries. I'm a spoiled Mama. Kelly made me a card that said:

Roses are red

Violets are nice

If you were a Spice Girl

You'd be Mamma Spice

Ok a little corny and she hasn't even thought about the Spice Girls for years. Since she was 7. She pulled out a baby tooth last night. It's so weird because she is 11 and already mid-way through puberty and she still has alot of her baby teeth. The dentist said it was normal for her. Still, she's a bit old for the Tooth Fairy.

Also yesterday, after we did the saturday shopping, Glen and I went on a drive through the countryside (which was beautiful) and at the top of one of the most scenic views there was a quaint little restaraunt. We decided to stop there and try it out since it was lunchtime. We sat outside under the trees. Of course the menu was all in German so I had no idea what I was ordering. I decided I'd try the fishce. There were 5 different plates on the menu and Glen suggested I just go for the one in the middle. I did, and though it was different, it wasn't half bad. He had the jagersnitzel that was covered in mushrooms. I love cooked mushrooms so I think I'll order that next time. We can actually hike the trails up to this place from our house if we wanted. The waiter was nice and spoke some English (it was better than our German anyway) and all in all it was a very pleasant experience to say the least. I'm gettin good with my Gruss Gots. Then when we got home there were about 10 kids in our mini sandbox filling it with water. They mades such a mess it wasn't funny but alas, kids'll be kids and they were all having so much fun. I haven't gotten to see my kids play so happily with neighborhood children before so I didn't mind. But Glen and I had quite a bit cleaning and irrigating of the mini swamp to do. Afterword, I just made pizza for dinner. Then we went up to the family room and watched Dream A Little Dream. I loved that movie when I was a teenager many moons ago. Funny Kelly wanted to see it because she thinks Corey Fledman is hot. Do you know how weird that is when your daughter thinks that all the guys you liked years before are hot now? I mean when I was a kid, my mom had the hot for Alan Alda and watched MASH religously. I mean Alan Alda? No waaay. But Kelly likes Corey and Fred Durst, and that singer from Creed and many others that I find sooo hot. Of course she blows it where she says Keifer Sutherland is old and gross. Thats where I have to draw the line. I have to force her to take it back or I will give her a combination wedgie/noogie. I'm so glad I have a close relationship with her. As big as she is she still likes to crawl in my lap and have me sing to her. Dylan is the same way. They want to be big and mature but they still need to cuddle up for a story or one of my famous Paul Simon songs that I sang when they were babies. I didn't know any regular lullabies then so Paul Simon worked wonders. Going way off track here. Well after the movie it was late so the only story Emi got was Where The Wild Things Are. A classic.

I woke up this morning to Emi sneaking into the room. She said Happy Mudders day. They're makin you breakfast and you got presents a neckwas and earwings and I dont know what else. And she kissed me a snuck off. When The kids came in with breakfast and suprises I feigned suprise. I was suprised though because Glen had gotten me the Saphire bracelet, earrings and necklace I had admired online more than a month before. They made me a nice breakfast and gave me hugs and kisses and left me alone to eat in peace. Then I lay in bed and read Deadly Innocence. I have read it before but it was intriguing and since I haven't any regular tv I like reading. Murder cases and pschological biographies are my favorites now since I cant watch forensic files or new detectives or CSI or Crossing Jordan anymore. Then I came upstairs to type. I plan on taking a candlelit bubble bath in awhile. I will play Dave Matthews and sip some wine maybe or maybe just ice tea. We're supposed to go play softball later at the Prater as well. I wish there were more days like today for me in a year but I do so love this one. I am glad I have the wonderful children I have. Their behavior, love, intelligence and kindness tell me that I must be doing something right. To all Mothers out there I hope you have as nice a day and know that you are special everyday. If there is anything important I have learned about being a mother its that the littlest things are what count most of all to children. The smallest simpliest gesture are what they remember and love the most. Whether its fresh baked cookies, off key songs you sing, asking how their day was and then actually listening when they describe it, braiding hair or looking in the Where's Waldo Book all count. Even just a smile and a hug and a simple I love you can work wonders. Whatever that special little thing you do no matter how small, it will count.

Happy Mothers Day.

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